Den of Dark Angels – Kenna McKinnon

Spellbinding collection of paranormal fantasy short stories from Kenna McKinnon, author of Blood Sister.
Demons roar from the mouths of lions and the devil lives on an alien planet in this collection of three adult fantasy/paranormal novellas set on Earth, Hell, and Heaven, and in the nether somewhere in between.

Passion for Poe is the first novella, which spins from Calgary to Denmark in a crescendo of dysfunction. Demons slop from the trunk of a car bought by Astria Brin with her boyfriend, Patrick Ferguson. Lions gaze from a bridge in the center of Calgary and follow them home, as mysterious dreams, murder and horror intertwine.

The second novella takes place in a netherworld of Paradise, Earth, and Hell. Dark Angel introduces Drake Bent, a half-demon man who roars about the universe on a chromed Harley-Davidson motorcycle with his terrier dog Killer in the sidecar. His girlfriend, Lori Flower, is linked to Drake in life and death, with the Devil’s curse on them both. After Drake’s parents die in a tragic car accident, he embarks on a furious mission of redemption.

In Father of Lies, we travel between 3000 years into the future, the 20th century and 3000 years B.C. in ancient Greece. As beings from Alpha Centauri await Earth’s demise and Sol’s nova to replenish their spirits, they watch Earth and one family in particular.