Denver and the Doolittle Raid – Bo Burnette

It was the year 1942. The United States was still reeling from Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor. The nation’s morale was at an utter low.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt called for an answer to Japan: something that would swing the Pacific war in America’s favor. That answer came when eighty men and sixteen planes, under Lt. Col. James H. “Jimmy” Doolittle, attacked Japan in a surprise carrier-based aerial attack. It was an incredibly daring mission–one that had never before been accomplished. One of these brave young fliers was a bombardier named Lt. Denver V. Truelove.

Just a farm boy from Lula, Georgia, Denver was one of the many Army Air Corps volunteers in the Doolittle Raid on Japan. His story is one of bravery in one of the most critical times in history. Denver’s great-great-nephew brings the tale to life for the younger generation with the incredible story of the Doolittle Raiders.

Featuring nearly 50 historical photographs, Denver and the Doolittle Raid is an incredible account of a young American hero and his journey through World War II. It is the only book about the Doolittle Raid aimed at a younger audience, although the story is certain to captivate readers of all ages.