Diamond Sky – David Clarkson

A group of scientists led by Dr Emmy Rayne has made the scientific breakthrough of the century. Their research into astral travel will open up the universe for exploration like never before. Unfortunately, not everyone on the team has the same agenda. When the next phase of testing is outsourced to the military, Emmy fears that all of her work to help mankind may be used to destroy it.

As her experiments begin producing unexpected side effects, Emmy’s only hope lies with a passing traveller whose car has broken down, stranding her at the nearby town of Jackson’s Hill. Lucy Skye is in mourning for her recently deceased father and her strong connection to him could provide the link needed to reverse the damage done by the out-of-control technology.

Together, the two women must overcome a deadly combination of science and superstition in order to defeat a growing evil, which threatens not only this small outback town but the fate of humanity itself…

Diamond Sky is the first part of a three book series that travels from a remote outback town, through the mountains of Tibet, to the far reaches of space and beyond. It can also be enjoyed as a standalone thriller.