Dinosaur Station – D.A. Madigan

Jondy is a late 21st Century street kid in Newer New York City — always hustling on her rollers, racking packets across the Big Square for anyone who pays, with bonus money measured in fractions of seconds, to earn enough cred-coin to buy food for her and her Gram.

Tough as razorwire, quick-witted and laser-fast, Jondy has earned the title of Queen of the Rollerkids.

But when Jondy and her Gram both fall into the hands of a ruthless hypercorps, they abruptly find themselves 150 million years in the past — mining radioactive ore in a super-secret Jurassic prison camp.

Return to the future is impossible — the time tunnel only works one way. Nonetheless, Jondy and Gram both become part of a covert rebellion against the hated Upper Hierarchy, hoping to at least improve working and living conditions where they are now, for themselves and all their ‘plate-mates’. Yet when Jondy and Gram learn that a horrifying menace from deep in Earth’s prehistory now threatens the very existence of humanity, they know what has to be done… even if it costs the lives of every human resident of Dinosaur Station…!