Dominion Over All – W. Bradford Swift

When the last living magic cat and her flying canine companion show up on your doorstep with an offer you can’t refuse, it can sure throw a wrench into an otherwise normal teenage life.

Zak Bates considers himself normal for a thirteen year old. Okay, he does own a zoo and believes that there’s magic in the world, but other than that, he’s pretty average. When he’s visited by Ra-Kit, a magic cat with a bad catnip habit, he is ill-prepared for the assignment he’s about to receive.

He must represent the Animal Kingdom before the United Nations’ Conference on Global Warming. With help from Ra-Kit and Sampson, Ra-Kit’s companion, Zak must persuade the world governments to stop poisoning the planet, or face a global rebellion of animals that could cost millions of lives and throw the world into chaos.