Dracula and Other Stories – Bram Stoker

Meet Dracula, the World’s Most Famous Vampire

Welcome, children of the night, to Bram Stoker’s world of vampires, haunts, and shadows. Here you will find the immortal story of Dracula, Bram Stoker’s best-known work, its companion work “Dracula’s Guest” (featuring the original opening chapters of Dracula), as well as several of his other tales of supernatural horror, gothic romance, and mystery.

Included in Dracula and Other Stories are:

• The complete text of seven novels written by Bram Stoker, including Dracula.
• Links to free, full-length audio recordings of the poems and tales in this collection.

The Master of Supernatural Horror

Seven complete works by Bram Stoker, including:

• Dracula
• Dracula’s Guest and Other Weird Stories
• The Mystery of the Sea
• The Jewel of Seven Stars
• The Man
• The Lady of the Shroud
• The Lair of the White Worm

Also included are special features for any vampire enthusiast, including:

• A comprehensive list of the many film, television, and media adaptations of the world’s most famous vampire, Dracula.
• A Vampire Reading Guide: a list of the major works of vampire literature, from 1798’s Der Vampir to Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight.
• Links to free, full-length audio recordings of the books included in this collection, as well as other vampire favorites.