Dream Write Live Kel – Maggy Mae

Bruised, broken and betrayed by those he had loved, Kel is at the brink of ending it all. His fragile heart can no longer handle the deadly blows dealt to it by the deceit of those who claim to deserve his trust. Deep down inside him, he struggles to hold on to the true definition of love, rather than the misunderstood and convoluted definition provided to him by his unpalatable experiences.

At his lowest point, he is saved by a girl with a passion for humanity but a belief that true love is non-existent and a fable created for the weak and feeble minded.

As with matters of the heart, he is unable to deny or resist his attraction for her, falling into an enthralling web of passion and desire, and in the process, defying what most of us have believed our entire lives.

Explore the journey of two young hearts as they experience across centuries and lifetimes, what we all are too scared to believe.