Enter the Human Realm – Nancy Jean

Faeries rarely venture into the realm of humans. However, extreme circumstances may require they do just that.

This first book of the Tulip Sisters Adventure Series introduces the four faery sisters, each gifted with the powers of nature’s elements. Etaura, the earth faery, Aiara the air faery, Fierre the fire faery and Wyshari, the water faery were all born at the exact same moment; the first simultaneous births in faery history.

The sisters inhabit one of only five faery gathering spots in the world, located on a remote plot of land in Tampa, FL. Here they exist in the astral realm, a world parallel with their only natural enemy—humans.

Mrs. Sandy Watterson is unaware she shares her land with these magical creatures. When she is at risk of losing her home, the entire faery community is also threatened. They must all work together in a race against time to alter fate.

Learning to navigate through the human realm is not the sole challenge for the Tulip Sisters. They must tolerate resistance from within their own community, endure a capture of one of their own, and face how destiny will unfold as time runs out.