Erskine Quint in Journey to the Centre of the Cerebral Cortex – L.R. Johnson

To conclude the outrageous, thrilling, ‘insane’ trilogy of, Erskine Quint intrepid adventurer extraordinaire; it required something very special that would take the cult-superhero into an adventure beyond all human comprehension and never attempted before in the literary world (Ask H.G.Wells). The quest demands that readers stretch their imagination and fantasy to the outer limits and more; no boundaries, no frontiers, utterly timeless and totally insane.

Where could one take Erskine Quint? The answer lies between the lines and part three; ‘Journey into the Cerebral Cortex’, unleashes the human fantasy into an adventure that provides the questions without supplying the answers. Erskine finds himself in a time machine and is catapulted way back into history where many believe human civilisation actually began, Ancient Egypt. In his Time Machine, accompanied by two very strange, but wonderful characters, one human, one canine, Erskine zooms through history implementing change. Impossible you may ask? Not for Erskine Quint!