Evie Jones and the Shadow of Chaos – Amie Gibbons

A gunman, an inconvenient visit from the Council, an ex, a crush and a chaos causing bunny. Oy vey!

Meet Evie Jones, a young witch stumbling into adventures, fighting the rules of her authoritarian government, and bringing the fire to everything from her career to her love life.

Evie’s having a bad day. The Council’s in town for an inspection, every witch is keeping their head down to avoid the scrutiny, and her ex pops in for a surprise visit. She’s almost glad for a distraction in the form of a crazed gunman to take down.

But when a shadow leaving the gunman follows her home, what was a distraction turns into a deadly game of catch the shadow. From scaring to seducing, he messes with their minds. Now Evie has to work with her crush, her friend and her ex to figure out what it is before it stops playing with them and starts killing.

And that’s before the one thing that could possibly make their night worse shows up.