Extreme Measurements – Robert L. Stupack

It took the genius of Sir Francis Drake and an army of men to bury the contents of a Spanish Treasure Galleon somewhere in the land Drake called Nova Albion, and the only evidence they left behind was a small brass plaque that claimed the land for England.

It only took one man to unravel the 400-year-old mystery surrounding the treasure’s location and contents and he found it in his own backyard.

Two years into his project and exactly 423 years after the date in the Plate of Brass inscription, Stupack discovers the set of missing tools used to create Drake’s artifact. In the 1970s the Plate had been discredited as a fake, but now Stupack knows better. He meets with the Acting Director of the Bancroft Library to inform him that he’s found something that can change that “worthless fake” back into a “priceless artifact.”

After metallurgical tests are conducted on the tools, the Bancroft staff suddenly stop responding to Stupack’s calls and emails, and he suspects that something is seriously wrong. His internet sleuthing reveals the probable cause: that same Acting Director was the one responsible for discrediting the Plate back in the ‘70s by misquoting the opinion of the authentication team’s lead scientist.

Stupack also learns of one other man who knew about this crime, whose death certificate shows that arsenic poisoning was a contributing factor in his early demise. Now, at all costs the Acting Director must prevent Stupack’s discovery from reaching the public’s attention because it could implicate him and his co-conspirators in a crime with no Statute of Limitations… Murder!

This book will be of enormous interest to readers around the world who long to discover treasures of their own. Stupack’s herculean quest is both daunting and inspiring, and shows that an ordinary guy with enough determination can succeed in doing something thoroughly extraordinary.