Fate’s Hand: Book One of The Celtic Prophecy – Melissa Macfie

She came to Salem to start a new life, but the gods have other plans.
Accosted…pursued…will she find love or death?

Brenawyn McAllister has quit her job and run away from home—if running away means running to the only family she has left, her grandmother, Leo Callahan. She expects to slowly join the world of the living again until she meets Alexander Sinclair. He makes her want more than she ever thought to have again.

But the gods have other plans for Brenawyn. Is she really the long-lost daughter of a Celtic god? Is she destined to be the prophesied Druid high priestess? Can she be taught in time to use her powers to defend against those who would take it from her?

Alexander knows how ruthless the Coven is. Initially tasked with protecting the balance, they have been polluted by greed and power. Failing to successfully trigger Brenawyn’s latent abilities and seduce her to their cause, they have decided to kill her. Can Alexander protect her from the Coven? Or after 600 years of searching has he lost his idealism and his faith?