Fix Yourself in Jesus – Sally Hanan

Do you need emotional healing but you can’t afford Christian counseling?

If you’ve been looking for the perfect Christian self-help book for women or men and have still come up short, this workbook could be the answer to your search. You can receive your emotional healing (sometimes called inner healing) through this balanced, interactive combination of testimonies, insights, questions, Scriptures, and prayers.

Maybe you’re tired of being so easily triggered, you’re hurting those you love, and you desperately want to be a better person. Perhaps you’re losing hope of ever changing. Fix Yourself is a journal-styled book designed to help heal your heart and mind in God’s presence so that you can move into emotional and spiritual wholeness.

Building on the relationship you already have with the Father, each exercise encourages you to reflect on God’s truth and then apply it to gain your emotional healing. Chapters address topics such as: God the Father, inner vows, judgments, forgiveness, discarding lies, embracing truth, enjoying identity, blessings and curses, and healing relationships.

The truth is that there is nothing wrong with your original design, and in Jesus you will find everything you need to be restored to your unique and magnificent self. This book will help take you there, or at least help begin the journey.

Because this is in workbook form, it can be adapted for use in small groups, with a mentor, or in workshops.