Full Picture: A Second-Chance Sweet Romance – Sophie Moran

One rivalry. Two broken hearts.

Brooke Quinn loves adventure and pushing limits, but after a near-death experience, the photojournalist is more than ready for the quiet life in her hometown of Dragonfly Lake. The opportunity to teach high school photography is her dream job. But when her high school sweetheart-turned-bitter-rival is her interviewer…she questions whether this is the fresh start she’s looking for.

Martin Anderson may have loved Brooke once, but her ambition cost him his chance at getting out of Dragonfly Lake, and that’s something he can’t easily forget. Yet he can’t deny that Brooke is the best candidate for the job and that not hiring her would be foolish. Unable to find the woman of his dreams, he’s given up on love and tells himself he’s content as a bachelor. Of course he can maintain a professional relationship with Brooke…

Forced to work together again, the flame of old desire reignites and burns brightly. Can they resolve their old rivalry and balance their personalities, so they can build a future together?

This is a standalone novel in the Dragonfly Lake series, featuring characters you’ve met and new characters! It’s 56K words, with no cheating and a guaranteed HEA.