Genealogy Research – D. Kalten

Organizing your family research: If you are overwhelmed with all of your paper and digital treasures, they being more like clutter and lots of confusion, this book is for you.

This is an easy read with easily understandable visuals to get you organized with all of your notes, papers, documents, family stories, photographs and other items that you have and as always happens, are still searching for. It also advises on what to do after you are organized with some tips.

Between old documents, papers, notes and photographs that you have, you may have found that a lot of information for your early family members can be found on the web. You’ve probably noticed that it adds to your collection of treasures with it turning into a confusing mess. The thought of what should you do to keep organized may be running thru your mind and you are probably overwhelmed with feeling very disorganized.

Seriously getting organized with all of the paper and digital treasures usually results with you finding that you have things holding information that you forgot about. Organization will help eliminate errors plus show you what information you already hold within those treasures.

Paper files will always be a must for original documents and they should be safely kept, but there is more you may be missing concerning files, especially with computer files. Many people rely on things they learned YEARS ago and have NOT stepped into the modern world allowing them to put a copy of paper documents with each person listed on the paper but without making more paper clutter.

The time comes to seriously get organized. What can you do? The answers are within this book, sometimes with options as each has their own personal preferences. Organize and then move forward!