GrimNoir – Kevin Wright

Enter the Darkness

“There were some rather gruesome details to the affair—Jesus Christ—I am not even referring to the cannibalism, for in my mind, at this time, it seems somehow mundane, somehow… quaint, for lack of a better word. How far gone am I…?” –Edward Webb Hawkins, “The Brazil Business”

Travel along that razor’s edge separating horror and fantasy. Explore the desolate New England wilds where a woman of will and wit collides against a monstrosity of tooth and claw. Descend into the depths of the earth where dark things die and rise again. Trace the steps of a famed jungle explorer lost to the wilds, and pray his fate is not your own. Roam the labyrinthine corridors of the criminal mind and experience terrors known only to killers and to the men who stalk them. Travel the back alleys and plague walls of Mortise Locke, the Machine City, the last bastion of mankind in all its glory, honor, and depravity. Burn rubber through the streets of Old Mexico City, where the pyramids stand in vestigial homage to blood-hungry gods long since rotted away to dust, or have they…?

Seven tales that will take you places you never knew existed, places you never knew you wanted to go, places you’ll hunger to return to.