Harlow: A Military Bad Boy Romance – Juliana Conners

Harlow Bradford used to think jumping out of planes was an adrenaline kick. Until he tried falling in love.
Free-falling into a combat zone used to be the ultimate rush. Now Harlow is free-falling into a different kind of enemy territory: love and commitment.

He could have any girl he wants, but stays away from relationships. He’s an airman, married to the USAF. He jumps out of planes, rescues his brothers, saves the world. Until his world crashes down— literally. Now his course is colliding with Whitney Reid, who thinks she knows better than his own doctor.

He’s determined to return to his unit, and distractions to any mission can be deadly. Especially when they come in the sexy, curvy form of the physical therapist who is questioning his doctor’s judgment and causing him to question his own damn sanity.

He refuses to let her get in his way. So why can’t he get her out of his head?