Harriet Greer Grows Up – Part 1 – Kirsty Wenn

Harriet Greer is quite content being the underachiever of her family. Sure, she’s 29 years old, has two low-paying part time jobs, a nearly broken down car and an ex-boyfriend who never quite exits her life. But she’s always managed to land on her feet.

Or so she thinks.

After a disastrous dinner party with her family, Harriet is forced to hear the truth about her life. But the news does not come from her parents or her overachieving sisters. No, instead, Harriet has the (not so pleasant) pleasure of meeting her spirit guide, Heather, in the mirror.

Heather is bored with Harriet’s life and is determined to set her on the right path once and for all. Unfortunately for Harriet, this means a new job, a new boss and a new bitchy flatmate. It also means that she is forced to admit to her one secret ambition.

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