Haunted Essence – L. A. Brown

Aurora Gypsy Night is a orphaned young woman who has recently moved to Edinburgh to start a new life away from her troubled past. She acquires a job at a gothic nightclub where she meets a mysterious man named William Wolf. She learns that William is part of an ancient magical world that exists hidden alongside the human one.

Aurora tries to deal with the knowledge of magical creatures while coping with strange dreams that haunt her waking hours. Her past soon comes to haunt her present and forces her into this mysterious magical world. Danger follows her every step, and her only comfort is her friends. However, they are hiding secrets of their own. Only time will tell her whom she can trust in her time of need.

Will Aurora discover who her parents are? What is it that makes magical creatures obsess over her? Will she escape this harsh magical world alive, or will she be enslaved in her past life?