Hazedonya – Ale Mendoza D T

Zeuhks Voldstrin is the only person in his class who can see a person’s past by touching one of their belongings. He tends to do that often when his Physics class bores him. Not to mention the fact that Zeuhks can feel the racing emotions of those who surround him. That simply annoys him to the extremity. However, there is a reason Zeuhks has such eerie gifts, and the reason is called Hazedonya.

Zeuhks is originally from Hazedonya, a land that was founded by people with special powers much like his own during the medieval period in England. Only now Hazedonya is a different place, a dark land dominated by the evil Queen Barbenia Voldstrin. Despite her classification, Zeuhks is no fan of his crazy mother.

Soon rumors have it that Andromeda Baranova (the rightful heir to throne) has been hidden in the soul dimension. When Barbenia discovers the rumors to be true, she orders Zeuhks to track down the girl and discover her powers before finally terminating her.

Forced into a prestigious boarding school in England, Zeuhks experiences the soul world of technology and societal difference. Yet, Zeuhks finds himself experiencing something much worse in his perception: a magnetic attraction to his family’s enemy. Andromeda, unaware of Hazedonya’s existence, is intelligent and funny and enables Zeuhks to feel emotions for himself. Fighting to resist the bond that slowly forms between them, Zeuhks is faced with the dilemma of detaching himself from the dark society surrounding his family or choosing to finally alienate himself with it forever.