Headcase and Other Splatterpunk Stories – David Charlesworth

The world is doomed due to one man’s vanity!

Born a hideous, twisted wreck, Barney was willing to do anything for love and adoration.

His facial abnormalities were too extreme for surgery to fix and his pride forbade him from paying for the company of women. With nothing left to lose, he decided to forfeit his soul in a deal with the devil for all the love, fear and respect in the world.

There’s just one small problem…

Barney doesn’t have all the facts in check. “The Devil” as we know him doesn’t exist and what Barney has summoned is something much older and much darker than anything he could have ever imagined. His wish is the final key that will unlocked the gates holding back a force that will decimate mankind.

“Headcase” is just one story in this collection which blends the “Weird Fiction” genre with the all out shotgun-blast of gore that only a “SplatterPunk” book can deliver. One for fans of early Clive Barker, Brain Keene and Richard Laymon.