Hidden Between The Lines – Sally A. Laughlin

Alluring, romantic mystery from Sally A. Laughlin, author of Fly Toward Death.
In early 1800’s England, the lives of two young women are changed forever in an unexpected twist of deceit and betrayal. Lady Rachel Ramsford is promised in marriage to a disgusting, rich old man, Lord Symington.
She escapes by eloping to the United States with a handsome, young British officer she has fallen in love with, but on the voyage a series of events takes place that will drastically affect her future. Meanwhile, Lady Edith Brekmore – her cousin – is blackmailed into taking Rachel’s place. Forced to marry and produce an heir to the dangerous and powerful Lord Symington, she contrives a plan which, if discovered, would mean her certain death.
The cousins begin writing letters to each other, learning of each other’s lives and hardships… But can they find what is hidden between the lines?