Hunt – L.C. Mawson

Freya thought she was alone, but just because you can’t see someone doesn’t mean they’re not there.

Moving in with a new foster family and starting at a new high school would have been hell for anyone, but Freya has the added problem of being haunted. Just before she died, her mother bound a spirit to her, to act as her guardian and watch over her, as well as tell her about the magical world and her own power.

But, while Freya is more than happy to learn about magic, what she really wants to know is if she has any family left, and that’s the one subject her guardian won’t educate her on.

Freya can either take her guardian’s word that some things should be left buried, or she can strike out on her own and try to find the answers she has always wanted.

But the world is a dangerous place and a pup without a pack is nothing but prey.

Hunt is the first book in the Freya Snow urban fantasy series.