Hunting Demons: A True Story of the Dark Side of the Supernatural – Sylvia Shults

In the Darkness, How Do We Know Who is Being Hunted?

For more than 150 years, seekers of the unknown have been trying to communicate with the other side, seeking out the lost souls who have died and yet still inhabit the earth. But what if some of spirits being sought were never really human at all? What if what they were hunting was also hunting them? Linda was a seasoned paranormal investigator, founder of a well-respected ghost hunting group, with a religious conviction that allowed her to hear the voices of the spirits that she was seeking to help. Unfortunately, Linda’s prayers for the souls of the dead were answered — but not in the way that she ever imagined.
Author Sylvia Shults presents the chilling true story of a woman who steps over the line into the darkest corners of the paranormal. Encompassing the history of diabolical folklore, possession, the spirit world, and fallen angels, she then reveals one woman’s battle against demonic oppression, human frailty and Linda’s all-encompassing trust in her God. It’s a compelling volume for anyone with an interest in the paranormal and a must-read about the dangers of the supernatural — and about what just might be waiting for us out there in the darkness.