I Was In Love With a Short Man Once – Kimberly Dalferes

Have you ever wondered if the life of the woman standing next to you in the checkout line is as weird as yours? Could it be possible you’re trapped in a bizarre reality show, where the object of the game is to get the crazy lady to flip out just one more time? If so, this book confirms you are in good company.

“I Was In Love With a Short Man Once” is a collection of stories written from the perspective of a crazy Southern Irish gal. Follow her as she reflects on growing up as a child of limited means in South Florida; managing a self-financed college education; balancing work as a federal official with the demands of single motherhood; and navigating the amusing challenges of being a second-time-around wife.

• Coming Up Stories reflect the distinctive surroundings of South Florida through stories such as “Flagpole” and “The Patron Saint of Parking.”
• Jimmy Stories illustrate the bond between mother and son with anecdotes such as “Kool-Aid Mom” and “Zamboni” revealing the life lessons our children teach us.
• The Rest of the Stories round out the author’s quirky observations with hilarious tales that include “Naked in a Hot Tub in Vegas” and “Crazy Virgo Tendencies.”