In the Night – Taylor Wright

How do you make peace with the dead? Daniel Sawyer has grappled with this question ever since his brother Jake was murdered. At university, Daniel feels displaced and directionless, and is trying to come to terms with Jake’s death. He questions what led his brother to drug dealing and addiction, where did it all go wrong between them? Daniel, however, is coming dangerously close to drug addiction himself, unable to cope with school and social anxiety, resorting to pain killers on nights out or to get through tedious lectures.

His world changes when he runs into a seedy old friend of Jake’s, who offers Daniel a chance to win big at a high-stakes poker game. With one score of cash, Daniel falls off a cliff into drugs, violence, and debt with the same men who killed Jake, and must abandon his sense of right and wrong in order to survive. Incidentally, Daniel has fallen in love with a beautiful young woman, who will bring his tormented past and uncertain future to a head, and will inevitably test his belief in fate.