Island Rapture – Sandra E Sinclair

“The devil is in the details”

When autistic savant Ethan Shamsi proposed to the unsuspecting Hasana Bennett, he’s unfazed by her rejection of his proposal, and convinced he’s winning her over. Her use of the words ‘apocalypse’, and ‘hell freezing over’ didn’t register with him, that maybe she wasn’t interested in forging a lifelong relationship, outside of their current arrangement as co-owners of Catica Island.

Two failed relationships have left Hasana Bennett cold and bitter. She’s sworn off romance, and men in general. She’s stunned by Ethan’s backhanded marriage proposal after he highlights all her faults as the reason she doesn’t have a husband, and wasn’t likely to get one if she turned him down. He also hinted, he thinks she’s getting old.

Hasana’s need for revenge leads to a startling course of events.