Island Release – Mia Hartley

**This is a sweet, clean romance novella that is part of the Catica Island Inspired Romance series**

Kennedy has spent the past ten years getting over the guy who hurt her. When her friend asks her to pull some strings so she can have her wedding on Sunset Beach, the dream destination for every bride in the world, Kennedy knows she will be face to face with him all over again.

Seeing him again brings out all of the insecurity she felt in high school as she comes to terms with her feelings while they work together to prepare for the wedding.

Spencer was the high school quarterback, dating the head cheerleader, who had always followed what the norm was expected from him. He never realized how much he had hurt the girl he stood up at the prom, but she’s letting him know now!

The woman in front of him has stolen his senses, and he knows he has to make things right between them. She is the one person he has missed in his life, and he wants to fix the damage he did all those years ago.

As they are forced together for a week on Catica Island, they will get the time to know each other again, and try to fix past wrongs, while dealing with new mistrusts and deception.

Is it too late for second chances?