Jason and the Draconauts: The Council of Ancients – Paul D. Smith

Life is no longer normal. After the startling events of Jason and the Draconauts, Jason, Petros, and their friends struggle to adjust to the effects of the spell cast upon them by the mage known as Norm. School, sports, jobs, and even family life have become a day to day struggle. How could it get any worse?

A mysterious duo arrives from across the ocean, bearing a centuries-old book foretelling the coming of an assembly of magical beasts that will save all dragonkind. The Draconauts are sent on a globe spanning quest to find these powerful creatures.

Meanwhile, back in Montana, Jason and Petros stumble on a mystery that not only defies any logical explanation, but seems to be consuming their friends as well. As if this weren’t enough, Karura begins to make his moves.

The search for his mysterious artifact continues, and his army of technomantic soldiers and vehicles grows larger by the day. His hatred of the dragons grows stronger and stronger, and it seems he won’t be satisfied until they are completely destroyed!