Just This Once – David Jerryson

Kendall Munday is running late for work when she sees an injured woman on the side of the road, desperately pleading for help. Concerned, Kendall pulls over, only to find out the woman was a decoy and there’s a man with a gun who’s suddenly in Kendall’s passenger seat.

Haven Grimp just killed his girlfriend’s brother and sister-in-law, and he’s anxious to get out of town as quick as he can. He rides with Kendall as long as he’s able, eventually leading her down a dirt road, where he beats her senseless and shoots her twice, leaving her for dead.

But Kendall doesn’t die.

And when Haven finds out that his former carjacking victim is still alive, and growing stronger each day, he sets out to find her and kill her–for real this time.

If Kendall is going to stay alive, she will need to stay one step ahead of Haven, who is more determined than ever to end her life.

But what Haven doesn’t count on is Kendall’s determination to outwit him, and with the help of the mysterious stranger who saved her life, she stands to turn the tables on him–if he doesn’t kill her first.