Justice for the Black Knight – Jerri Blair

This multiple award winning legal thriller has been described as a true crime mystery, high stakes courtroom drama and coming of age novel all rolled into one twentieth century law and order fable. As a child, Freddie Edwards vowed he would fight injustice in all forms and dubbed himself the first good black knight. He tried to live up to his ideals throughout his life, but years later he finds himself accused of murdering an elderly man, represented by an incompetent attorney, and facing death by electrocution. His sister Ruby and their childhood friend Annabelle are reunited at his trial and begin a search for evidence that may save his life. Their search becomes a whirlwind journey into the past where they must face horrors that have haunted them for years if they are to discover the secret that may bring the truth to light. This tale exposes the scars of our past, but offers hope for a future where racism will finally become only a thing of the past.