Leaving Montana – Thomas Whaley

Benjamin Sean Quinn’s life seemed perfect. He was physically fit, had a great job, a loving, monogamous relationship, two happy, healthy daughters and an established circle of friends. But anger relentlessly smoldered inside Benjamin. Growing up with dysfunctional parents and their tumultuous marriage left Ben emotionally scarred. For decades, Ben had tried unsuccessfully to conquer his demons, to banish the anger he felt towards his parents.

Ben strove to end the toxic cycle and avoid adopting the pattern of his parents. By the time he reached his early thirties, he finally seemed to have it all under control. Then Ben’s father told him a secret–one left in Montana from forty years earlier. The secret forced Ben to relive his past in order to face his future. When Benjamin boarded a plane to Billings, Montana. he knew it was time to face the secret head on and let go of the anger that silently ruled his life. It would be the boldest move he ever made, ultimately changing his life and the lives of those around him.