Legacy – Mark Patrick

For no apparent reason, the father of eighteen-year-old Marian Fairfax is brutally murdered and she is plunged into a terrifying world of violence.

Aided by an ex-SAS soldier, she attempts to discover who caused her father’s death, and why. She also has to stay alive – no mean feat under the circumstances.

An inheritance, sapphire jewels left to her by her mother, takes on a startling significance when she discovers that the death of her father is directly related to their existence.

Someone will stop at nothing to obtain the jewellery, and Marian herself, in order to learn their mysterious secrets.

Legacy is the fourth book in the series, ‘The Chronicles of the White Tower’ (Janette’s Tale, Bennett, Winter Moon). It differs from the first three novels as it is based in both modern times and the medieval age.

It is actually book one of a trilogy within the general series. Other books of the trilogy are (working titles): The Summoning and Time Meld.