Librarian’s Info

We’d like to invite libraries from around the world to join us, to help make our selections more culturally and geographically diverse. We’ll showcase your library and brag about having you aboard. You simply tell us about a book once a month. We’ll handle the details.

Our readers know that in a world full of hyperbole and salesmanship, when it comes to books, you can trust a librarian. They see what gets borrowed, and when it’s returned, they find out if the reader liked it. No one else in the book industry has this feedback loop. Your input will be highly valued.

We can find the bestsellers. It’s the hidden gems we’re seeking. Those books that perhaps didn’t get their fair share of attention in the trade press, but that you and your readers found compelling.

To get started, send an email to

We need:

  1. Your Twitter handle.
  2. The title and author of the book you’re recommending.
  3. A short paragraph telling our readers why you like it.

We’ll build a page for your library and include your live Twitter feed and the books you recommend each month. Readers from around the world may find that your selections resonate with their preferences and check your page regularly. Adventurers will be interested in what’s popular in your part of the world. Ex-patriots feeling nostalgic will visit home.

And readers will find trustworthy recommendations from experts. If you’ll allow us to be hyperbolic – that’s a service to literacy itself. Please join us.