Life On Earth – Clayton Beal

Welcome to the wildest, most insane ride at the book fair. Take a seat and have a sneak peek into the future through the eyes of Declan, an ordinary college student, growing up in the early twenty-second century. Where today’s technology has evolved into a world filled with interesting characters, places, and things. You’re going to lose your mind in this most unusual, unpredictable, science fiction adventure. This book is hilarious, surreal, thought provoking, and deep all at the same time.

In this first book, Life On Earth, Declan cuts a deal with the worlds first artificially intelligent Droid and they are both desperate and on the run.

Our future world is the perfect backdrop for all kinds of madness to unfold. Declan’s destiny continually clashes with his desire for a normal life; a life that fate just will not allow.