Living with Depression – Nick Weatherhogg

I have suffered from a quite severe form of depression for more than 7 years now – so severe in fact that I am currently unable to work (despite having a wife and four children to try to support). I have therefore used my time writing this book. Being ill for this long shows I do not have magic answers for you … but it does mean I understand; and it means that maybe I have learned to survive, to keep going, to look for hope, to find glimmers of light in the darkness – and this I share with you all. I write to those similarly affected, to show there is hope and one does not need to give up. But I also write to family and friends of those suffering from depression exactly what it is like for the sufferer, to hopefully engender empathy, support and understanding. I have written several other books from my head … this book comes from my heart. Please do read it, hopefully enjoy it – and if one person benefits from reading it then it will certainly have been worth writing.