Lords of Asylum – Kevin Wright

Mystery. Mayhem. Murder.

‘It came in this darkest of years, this winter of bitterest cold, when dire wolves loped feverish-mad through the city, marauding, laying slaughter and waste upon man, woman, and child. When finally they retreated, it was believed to be a miracle from God. It was not.’ —Journal of Sir Myron Chalstainy

As the city of Asylum lurches dying in the wake of war, one knight, Sir Luther Slythe Krait, is forced into the service of the notorious Gallows Lord.

Thrust into a deadly game of cat and mouse, can Sir Luther negotiate the tortuous corridors of Asylum’s power structure? Can he play one mad lord off against another long enough to accomplish his quest to uncover the truth behind a series of vile murders?

With dark forces aligned against him and even his allies plotting his demise, it seems impossible. Like a tightrope walker poised amidst a maelstrom, Sir Luther treads a razor’s edge. One blink, one slip, one moment of weakness, and death will take him.

The only question is: how many will fall with him?

It’s The Maltese Falcon meets Game of Thrones in this riveting medieval detective saga.