Luminary – P.S. Meraux

Who says you have only one soul mate?

Emily is an every-woman, still waiting to find Mr. Right and fall in love. She’s unaware that a great tragedy has happened, killing her soul mate and the backup one– two men that she’s never met. Does that doom her to a life without true love?

Her super immortal protector, a Paragon and his Luminary companion, work in the shadows and must do the unthinkable. They must retrofit a new soul mate for her. Change the make up of a human’s soul so that he’s her perfect complement in every way. It’s their only option for insuring a soul mate match — which releases much needed magic into the world. Magic that advances the causes of mankind.

Reshaping the precious hallmarks and soul markers is a nasty painful business without guarantees. But they must try– if the girl is to have any shot at real happiness.

Emily Wren is focused on school and her budding career. Smart, confident, feisty and too modest to realize her own beauty, she’d never had a boyfriend. If her protector is successful that could all soon change.

But life in the supernatural world, even the secret world of Paragons, is never quite that simple.

Treachery from an unsuspected quarter threatens the super immortal’s plans. Even more baffling– vampires, werewolves and witches have suddenly developed a not so subtle interest in the love life of the girl. Will she meet her soul mate? Or is there something else going on? Something more at stake than the happiness of one special human?

Read Luminary, for a unique perspective on soul mates by P.S. Meraux.