Mad Corpse: I am not the Hero – F Lorenzo

Meet Bernard Creed (also known as B), your typical student. He’s a bit impulsive with his actions and tends to be complete ignorant for the most part. The one thing that sets him apart from the rest was his dislike for myths and legends.

Ironically, one of his best friends, Alphonse Norde, was one of the biggest legends junkie in their school. After listening to his best friends’ conversation about a mysterious wish granting king, he decided to prove that such things could never exist.

He eventually found the book that shed some light about the mysterious king. After reading it, he found himself constantly under watch by some psycho raven. It, for some reason, had been following him around and would never leave him be. Worse of all, it seemed like he was the only one who could see it.

Along this time, a student going by the name Mad Corpse, had recently returned from the Ward. B wasn’t able to keep his curiosity from coming loose, so he set out to meet him. Their encounter proved to be fruitful as B found out that he was also plagued by the raven. He asked Mad Corpse to meet with him after school to continue their conversation as he wanted to know more about him.

This wouldn’t be much of a story if it ended with just that. Soon after they parted ways, his school was enveloped by a strange black liquid. Everything it touched was infected by tendrils of darkness. A raven’s cry echoed throughout the halls and he instinctively followed it.

He was soon led to the last sanctuary unaffected by the black liquid, the library. He noticed that the book that he borrowed had suddenly returned here. Without a single thought, he carelessly approached it and the black liquid oozed out from it. He was swallowed by the liquid and he was forcibly thrown into an alternate world where everything was out to kill him.

In this new world, he once again heard about the wish granting king and how this was all setup to be a game for his entertainment. He realized that he didn’t have much of a choice but to join in this mad game of life and death.
He first encountered Lucile, the man who claimed to be a guide for this world. With his help, B was able to arm himself against the terrors that lurks in this world.

Along his journey, he once again meets with Mad Corpse. Due to a strange twist of fate, he was forced to accompany him throughout his journey.