Mandala Mind Meditation: Colouring Book for Adults – Benedict John

Lose yourself in the hypnotic beauty of these 150 intricately designed Mandalas, inspired by both old and new motifs. Author Benedict John utilises his strong background in graphic arts to present a colouring book, which offers incredible variety and complexity and great value for money.

150 Intricate Mandalas for colouring
Link to Free Printable PDF for as many copies as you wish!
Proven to ease stress and calm the mind
Additional bonus PDF Mandalas via download link
Great Value for Money – Free Bonus images

Including 150 original Mandala designs, ranging from very simple to detailed and intricate, and including a link at the end of the book to download and print as many copies as you wish for colouring, Mandala Mind Meditation offers unbeatable value for money. You may also download additional free bonus Mandalas not featured in the book.

Easily Relieve Stress

Proven to relieve stress and calm the mind, these Mandalas will help you to achieve that mild form of meditation, which is so necessary for de-cluttering the brain and refreshing your senses. So go ahead – grab those colouring pens, join the colouring revolution, and immerse yourself in the ‘zone’!