Memories of a Life – Matthew Doyle

When Ivan MacAuley regains a shaky and vague consciousness in a strange alleyway, he awakens without any idea of how he might have ended up in that damp and dark place. After a brief period of incapacitation, he brings himself to his feet, and as he tries to steady himself he realises that he cannot call on any memories before that moment. While wandering aimlessly around a surreal and unfamiliar city, Ivan is approached by a mysterious Guide, who promises to illuminate the darkened aspects of his memory, and bring him to the moment where he finds himself stranded in the alleyway. Even though he nurses an apprehension, and has no gut instinct either way as to what this Guide’s actual motivations for helping him might be; Ivan realises he has no choice but to accompany the Guide on what will become a dark, strange, but ultimately revealing journey.