Momentum – Charlie Moore

In the contemporary world of secret government organisations, Shirin Reyes is a rogue, de-sanctioned assassin on a mission of revenge and justice, hunting the persons responsible for killing her husband. Damaged, dangerous and deadly, Shirin keeps moving forward, hunting, and being hunted, from one battlefield, ambush, and gun fight, to the next. She comes into the orbit of Director Zelig, who is closing in on the endgame of an ambitious plot to take control of the nation’s intelligence community. Working for Zelig comes the frightening psychotic killer Smith who is double crossing him, reporting to an elusive and secretive Old Man who seems to be pulling all the strings.

Through the series of violent engagements, Shirin begins to understand the consequences her vendetta has on those she cares about as their lives are put in direct and immediate danger. Racing against a ticking clock Shirin tries to protect the people closest to her, while fighting the forces massing against her. In the end, she won’t stop until she gets her man.