More Than We Bargained For – Jacqueline Winslow

More Than We Bargained For is a moving story that brings two opposite people together as romance ignites even as their differences bring confrontations at every turn. Faith, hope, and love are intertwined.

Samantha Peabody, a chef and entrepreneur, has found her life lacking one very important thing- a MAN. With the added pressure of family wanting her married ASAP, she prays a desperate, if not audacious prayer and then concocts a bargain that will change her life forever.

Benjamin Weatherly, a lawyer, has become cynical of relationships but readily accepts Samantha’s unorthodox bargain. His dedication to his family demands action even as his relationship with Samantha blossoms. He is captivated by her sweet spirit, her innocence, and her deep morals.

The Result: Throw two opposite people together and you have immediate fireworks!

Can Benjamin bear to turn away from the woman who has captured his heart?

Will Samantha be able to press past her worries and chase after the man of her dreams?

Read More Than We Bargained For to find out all the juicy details….

This Inspirational Romance is more than a love story. It’s about an unexpected journey of learning what it takes to love. To be in love. And to be loved.