My Heart Belongs in Tombstone, Arizona – Samantha Bayarr

Stand-alone book:
Is Beatrix, the new schoolmarm, leading a double life as a saloon girl named Trixie?

When Beatrix arrives in Tombstone thinking she’s taking the position as the new school teacher, she’s shocked to discover the invitation from the schoolmaster was for a mail-order bride instead. Having misunderstood his intentions, she rejects his offer of marriage; he leaves town and his position as the school teacher.

When the menfolk in town start to call her Trixie and rumors begin to fly, it isn’t long before the entire town begins to accuse Beatrix of leading a double life. Little does she know that sheriff Muley Ransom, whom she’s courting, has been investigating the strange coincidences that involve her. This includes the recent stagecoach robbery. Will he be able to save her reputation and their blossoming courtship, or does his investigation turn up more than they both bargained for?