My Italian Prince – Jasmin Jacobs

Vanessa Green is an ordinary nurse with an ordinary life. Until she meets Alex.

In the middle of the night on one of her shifts, a seriously injured man ends up at the ER.

He’s as mysterious as he’s gorgeous. Who is he?

Sparkles fly and what seems like true love interfere with Vanessa’s strict no-dating policy. She simply cannot resist him.

There’s only one problem. He’s an Italian Prince!

Swept away by Alex to the French Riviera Vanessa finds herself caught up in a whirlwind of glamorous parties, celebrities and private jets.

She’s in a dream world and her boyfriend is a prince, a real prince! But maybe everything isn’t quite as dreamy as she’d hoped.

Not everyone is happy for their blossoming relationship and will do anything to destroy their love.

Will they uncover the schemes around them in time, or will their love end before it even started?