Napoleon’s Rosebud – Humphry Knipe

You are the high spirited 19-year-old daughter of a penniless widow, born and brought up on an isolated, windswept South Atlantic island, a girl with virtually no prospects, when out of the blue the most famous man on earth falls into your lap.

Still smarting from his defeat at Waterloo, still the hero of Liberals everywhere, Napoleon has been exiled to tiny Saint Helena because it is the remotest and most easily defended island in the British Empire. But far from being broken by defeat, Napoleon’s fertile imagination seethes with escape schemes. He meets you on his first evening on the island and instantly knows he has found what he is looking for: his conduit to freedom.

“Fiendishly clever plots and counterplots …This is a magnificent and sometimes blissfully raunchy book.” − David Stansfield

“Engaging and ripe with characters that amuse, delight, disgust and touch the reader’s heart.” – Katheryn Rishoff