Neshoto Junction Homicide – Gail M Baugniet

Within the first hours of a planned fishing trip, Insurance Investigator Pepper Bibeau’s vacation turns deadly.

Pepper’s head is spinning over a marriage proposal from Homicide Detective Rick Janus, father of her 14-year-old son. A last-minute assignment to investigate questionable medical claims on two preteen sisters adds to the tension. Before she can relax, someone sends her tumbling into a storm-swollen river, a crude attempt to conceal a body. With a young girl’s life at stake, Pepper must uncover an unlikely connection between an abandoned rifle and a litany of environmental complaints.

The rural county sheriff offers little support. Because his opinion of females in the work force is only too obvious, Pepper gathers her own clues in an attempt to solve the mystery behind a series of troubling events. But unearthing a killer may depend on her unbridled curiosity, and her ability to stay alive.