Never Ending Dance – G.J. Smith

Past Taboos vs. Present Truths

Catherine Cannon has spent her life keeping secrets and trying to outrun her past. Speaking about her past and about her family is taboo and she has only shared details of her life with her closest childhood friend.

A long time Department of Defense employee, Catherine has finally found the comfort and security she searched for her entire life. But at the age of 32, she puts it all on the line with the knowledge she may lose everything that truly counts – mind, body, soul and the love of a good man.

Catherine seeks the answer to one question – does she carry the defective gene that causes the debilitating, fatal Huntington’s disease? To find that answer she must first confront her past head-on.

A gritty, dark look at living with Huntington’s disease, poverty and pain, the humor fused throughout makes Never Ending Dance an emotional roller coaster ride.