No Simple Miracle – Meggan Haller

Will Santa come through for a new generation of Strumpfs?

Christmas has come again, but this year, Papa isn’t around to help Hanna Strumpf write her letter to Santa Claus. He’s gone to war in place called Korea, and it’s up to Hanna to tell Santa the one thing the family truly wants. Can Santa grant her wish if she never gets a chance to ask him?

By the 1950s, the good times had come to many families, but for the children of soldiers, like Hanna, it was time to grow up. For some, that meant leaving behind childhood traditions, but for the Strumpfs, it turns out some traditions are timeless.

Continuing the Christmas chronicle of the Strumpf family that began with Jakob, in Cold Feet, this enchanting tale combines the wonderment of childhood with the wisdom of an older generation. With forthright language, it shows young readers that in the midst of great change, a parent’s love is steadfast.

“Magic is infinite, and it circles back on itself. If it is real—and you are right to wonder—it is a ring. It can be lost, and it can be found.”

No Simple Miracle is a 6,000-word short story.