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No Time Left – David Baldacci

An original short story by New York Times bestselling author David Baldacci.

Frank Becker is a highly sought after, expert assassin. When Becker takes a mysterious job, he has no idea that it will force him to delve deeply into his own past.

Undeterred by obstacles, he is determined to complete his assignment. But he may realize too late that his success will permanently alter his future.

I once overheard Charles Baxter say that there’s no story until something goes wrong. If No Time Left is any indication, David Baldacci must have missed that memo.

Throughout the first half of the story, deceptively little seems to happen. Protagonist Frank Becker is very good at his loathsome profession: he goes to work, he does the job, and he plans the next gig. Period.

But Baldacci has a surprise up his sleeve, and it’s not until well into this single-sitting tale that the author’s cloak-and-dagger (umbrella, actually) conceit begins to reveal itself.

If you like the idea of Agatha Christie and Isaac Asimov collaborating on a conspiratorial jack-in-the-box of a story, No Time Left delivers. —Jason Kirk